A Different Dolphin is a rhyming tale that showcases the sweetest and kindest mammal in all the seas. A finned friend with a kind heart, this dolphin is an individual who yearns for acceptance. However, because of his differences, because of who he is deep down inside, his community rejects him and casts him into loneliness and isolation.

Stranded and in a state of despair, he even begins to question the value of his life. In his darkest hour and when all hope seems lost, loving ethereal sea creatures rise from the deep abyss and save him with their words of encouragement. With such genuine kindness expressed from these peculiar yet graceful monsters of the deep, our friendly dolphin soars with a newly discovered ray of inner strength and fortitude, and he bathes in a new light of self compassion, acceptance, and appreciation….and it’s just in the nick of time.

Menacing fishermen are clanking into the seas, shepherding his dolphin community into a trap where they might be harmed. Discovering their predicament, our hero turns the other fin and dashes to rescue the same group that abandoned him to darkness.

Through our dolphin’s acts of bravery and love, we all learn that viewing this world from a different perspective can have beautiful and life-saving rewards.

- Aaron Clippinger (Author)